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Recently, the official website of the Ministry of Finance released: the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, Caishui [2019] No. 13 Document “Notice on Implementing the Inclusive Tax Deduction Policy for Small and Micro Enterprises”, which clarifies the tax reduction and exemption measures for small and micro enterprises. This measure is related to the vast majority of companies and wine merchants in the Chinese market, especially our imported wine merchants. Below, SuperWine will give you an analysis.


The tax reduction policy was introduced, and the wine merchants are blessed

The document clearly states:

1. For small-scale taxpayers with a monthly sales of less than 100,000 yuan (including this number), VAT will be exempted.

2. For the portion of the small-profit enterprise with an annual taxable income of not more than 1 million yuan, the amount of taxable income shall be reduced by 25%, and the enterprise income tax shall be paid at the rate of 20%; the annual taxable income shall exceed 1 million yuan. If the amount is not more than 3 million yuan, 50% of the taxable income shall be included in the taxable income, and the enterprise income tax shall be paid at the rate of 20%.

The above-mentioned small-scale and low-profit enterprises refer to enterprises engaged in the national non-restricted and prohibited industries, and at the same time complying with the three conditions of annual taxable income of not more than 3 million yuan, the number of employees not exceeding 300, and the total assets not exceeding 50 million yuan.

3. The implementation period of this notice is from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021.

The introduction of this universal policy, for wine wine merchants, this move is like a spring rain, and won the hearts of the people! Due to the serious fragmentation of wine, most wine merchants who operate imported wine and domestically produced wine can be classified as small and micro enterprises. The tax reduction and exemption will undoubtedly leave more profits for the development of the enterprise and also win more room for development.


Counting a book, can you save so much?

The introduction of the new policy is a good thing for wine merchants. If you still don’t understand, Xiaobian will help you calculate the account.

Assume that A company or wine merchant has monthly sales of more than 30,000 yuan and less than 100,000 yuan. According to the previous policy, if it exceeds 30,000 yuan, it must pay VAT according to law, but according to the new regulations, VAT will be completely exempted;

Assume that the annual taxable income of B enterprises or wine merchants does not exceed 1 million yuan, and the taxable income is reduced by 25%. The actual tax burden is 5%, that is, only 50,000 yuan of enterprise income tax is required;

Assume that the annual taxable income of C enterprises or wine merchants is 3 million, the number of enterprises is less than 300, and the total assets are not more than 50 million. Previously, they were not in the category of small and micro enterprises, and they were required to pay more taxes at 25%. To pay 750,000 yuan (3 million * 25%). However, according to the new regulations, it only needs to pay 250,000 yuan of corporate income tax, reducing the tax of 500,000!

So, do you understand a lot!


Tax exemption, where is the benefit to the wine industry?

Undoubtedly, tax reductions have reduced the burden on wine micro-enterprises and wine merchants, increased the opportunities for sustainable development, and regulated the development of the industry.

First of all, the tax exemption can directly bring benefits to those companies and wine merchants who have standardized operations.

Secondly, for many marginal wine merchants and enterprises, this move can attract them into the system, ensure the standardization of the industry, thereby reducing the chances of counterfeit and counterfeit products, and allowing them to concentrate on market expansion.

Finally, gradually adjust the financial and profit of the entire industry to standardization and transparency.

It is a good thing to introduce tax reduction and exemption policies. First of all, this helps regulate entrepreneurship, encourage investment, and activate the market economy. The second is to make the taxation legal, standardized and transparent. Specific to the wine industry, many companies and wine merchants can get out of the gray area of ​​taxation, concentrate on market development and brand operation, and also relieve the worries of many small and medium-sized wineries! The implementation of the new “Electronic Commerce Law” is to further create a fair and just market environment and further promote industry norms.

With regard to the current fiery degree of China’s wine market and the implementation of various preferential policies, various indications indicate that China’s wine industry has ushered in new opportunities. Moreover, under the policy of “One Road, One Belt”, China’s wine market is becoming more and more abundant, and more and more foreign brands are optimistic about China and have begun to explore the Chinese market.

Shanghai is a gathering place for Chinese wine brands, with its economic capacity and consumption level at the top of the country. Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition (SuperWine) is one of the professional procurement fairs for China’s import and export liquor industry. It has been successfully held for dozens of times and has accumulated hundreds of thousands of outstanding domestic and foreign suppliers and buyers. Resources. In order to better establish a good platform for propaganda, display and cooperation for domestic and foreign liquor companies, the directors of Gaodeng Commercial and Liquor Department will be at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from May 29 to 31, 2019. The “20th Shanghai International Wine and Spirits Exhibition” was held. This exhibition aims to help domestic and foreign liquor companies to establish a good brand image, achieve corporate sales targets and expand the scale of the Chinese wine market.

In 2019, the wine industry will usher in a new round of opportunities and development, “lift up your sleeves, cheer up” bar wine merchants!


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